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Console Repair Guy is Canada's top choice for mail-in game console repairs, upgrades and customization. We provide professional repair services for Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii. We are located near Sydney, Nova Scotia and provide mail-in repair services to all of Canada and the US. We also repair newer consoles such as the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii U, pages will be added for these systems as problems arise. Please inquire for pricing on these systems.

Console Repair Guy specializes in Gaming Console Repairs and Upgrades, BGA rework, BGA reballing and circuit repair. We have over 16 years of professional experience repairing gaming consoles, computers and electronics.

Most repair services include a limited repair warranty.

Professional Gaming Console Repair Services Offered

Xbox 360 Repair for Red Ring of Death (RROD), E74 Error, No Video and Freezing Issues
Xbox 360 & Xbox 360S Slim Open Tray Error Fix, Won't Read Discs or Games
PS3 Won't Read Discs or Games, Blu-Ray Laser Replacement
PS3 Won't Turn On, No Power/No Lights
Nintendo Wii Wont Read Discs or Games, Games Freezing, Laser Replacement
Nintendo Wii Blank/Black Screen, Bricked or Controller Not Syncing

Why Choose Console Repair Guy?

Console Repair Guy uses only professional equipment and high quality materials.
Console Repair Guy goes above and beyond in his effort to repair your gaming console.
All parts and repairs are thoroughly tested before being shipped back to you.
All workmanship is guaranteed and all part replacements include a hassle free warranty.
We do not perform any of those silly heat gun, towel or x-clamp fixes seen on YouTube and other sites.
These fixes may work temporarily in some cases, but they only end up causing more damage in the long
run and could result in a console that is no longer repairable.
Have your Xbox 360, PS3 or Nintendo Wii repaired by a highly experienced game console repair tech!

How do I pay?

We accept Cheque, Money Order, Interac e-Transfer (Email Money Transfer) and all major credit cards via Paypal's Secure 256-bit Encrypted Checkout Service.

Are you looking to fix the console yourself?

Console Repair Guy understands that the solutions to most gaming console issues can be found online and in some cases may even seem easy to tackle... but first hand experience has revealed that most DIY repairs and/or instructions are either too complicated for the average person (yes, even if your a techie), are full of false information, instruct you to do things that will surely cause more damage, are highly lacking in important details or are just misleading in general.

If you are comfortable working with sensitive equipment, then by all means save yourself some $$ and fix it yourself! We have provided several DIY Fixes that anyone can perform rather than sending your system off for repair.

You know a guy down the road who does this repair much cheaper?

It's a well known fact that most people doing gaming console repairs are just using those cheapo heat guns from the hardware store or bolts and washers to fix certain issues with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

These heat guns run much too hot for this type of repair, there is no means of accurate temperature control and they provide uneven heating which usually leads to warping of the system board, BGA chips and damage to other heat sensitive components.

The X-clamp replacement method forces the chip down to create a temporary connection and can cause the motherboard to warp over time. I have even seen some cracked dies on GPU's which had the x-clamp replacement. These quick band-aid fixes rarely last long at all!

Some people are even oblivious to the fact that certain components in these systems can be damaged beyond repair by static electricity or even just bending the consoles motherboard ever so slightly.

The Console Repair Guy Difference

The bottom line is, when you have your gaming console repaired by a Console Repair Guy Technician, you can rest assured that your expensive gaming system is in safe hands and will be handled in a professional manner.

Console Repair Guy has fixed thousands of gaming consoles of all types and strives to deliver you the best service possible! We have achieved a 95% success rate overall in our repair processes to date and are always working hard and researching diligently to stay up to date on all the latest issues and solutions in the gaming industry.

Our workmanship is guaranteed and we always use the right tools for the task at hand. Why settle for the average Joe when you can have your gaming console repaired by a professional, with a proven track record. Order today and we'll get your gaming console back in action in no time!

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