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It's been a couple years now but I just wanted to let you know our Xbox 360 is still working great. Thanks again for your excellent repair service!
Clifford R - Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have dealt with the Console Repair Guy for system repair, parts and questions. I found that they are very good at what they do and have recommended them to a lot of friends what had system problems and would to anyone who has problems with a system.
John J - Newfoundland

Thank you so much for your service! My son is very happy now that he has his Xbox 360 back in the game.
Alex J - Tornoto, Ontario

The console repair guy had my PS3 fixed in less than 2 hours. He even ordered the parts for me and it still works.
Adam S - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nintendo Wii Repair Ottawa Ontiario
Mahir Mohiuddin - Ottawa, Ontario