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My PS3 now reads ALL of my games and bluray movies! We will be back in touch next time one of our systems breaks. Thanks again!
Andrew C - Sydney, NS

I had my Xbox 360 repaired by Console Repair Guy a little over a year ago. It had the dreaded red ring of death. It does sound a little louder because of the fan mod but it's still working perfectly! Thanks again, I owe you one!
Chris H - Vancouver, BC

You saved our Xbox 360 and my nerves! My son would not stop bugging me about his beloved Xbox... Thank you so much!
Rita N - Ottawa, Ontario

You are surely the best Xbox 360 repair guy I've come across. Thanks again my friend. Lookin forward to doing business with you again!
Roger T - Toronto, Ontario

I work a camp job and when my 360 died on me I didn't know what to do with myself. I work 24 days in a row. Thankfully I found your site and 9 days later I was back in action. Thanks again my friend!
Kent N - Vancouver, BC