How to Determine the Xbox 360 Secondary Error Code

If you have the 3 red lights or "RROD" or 1 red light on your Xbox 360, follow these steps to determine your Secondary Error Code:

  • Turn on the Xbox 360 and wait for the red lights to appear.
  • Press and hold the "sync" button next to the memory card slots.
  • While holding the sync button, press the eject button.

  • When you press the eject button, a series of lights will flash, either 1, 2, 3 or 4 lights.
  • Write down the number of lights lit.
  • Release the eject button, and press the it again (continue holding the sync button).
  • Repeat this process to get 4 sets of lights, writing down the number of lights each time.

    Here is how to convert the lights into a code:
    1 light = 1
    2 lights = 2
    3 lights = 3
    4 lights = 0

    So, for example if you get 4, 1, 1, 4, your error code is 0110.

    ** Please Note: If you have error code 0003, do not send it in. This is usually a power problem, so try replacing the power brick first. If a system in sent in with Error Code 0003 it will be sent back.