Warranty Information

⊕ All part replacements come with a 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified or you choose the option to purchase an extended warranty.

⊕ The Xbox 360 Reballing Service includes a 60 day repair warranty.

⊕ All Xbox 360 Red Light/Freezing/Overheating and Wii Blank/Black Screen/Overheating repairs which were not caused by a failed mod attempt include a 30 day warranty.

⊕ The PS3 Yellow Light / Blinking Red Light / Overheating Repair Service includes a 90 day repair warranty. Systems that have been repaired with this type of issue can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on environmental factors, length of gameplay and the extent of the damage the console has suffered.

⊕ If any console fails again within the warranty periods stated above, due to the same issue it was previously repaired for, you can send it back to us for a free warranty repair.

⊕ If the console fails again after a second repair you will have the option to buy a refurbished console at a 10% discount, if in stock.

⊕ If your console is still under the manufacturers warranty, having it repaired by anyone, other than the manufacturer, will void your warranty in most cases. We will not be held responsible for voided manufacturer's warranties.

⊕ A warranty sticker will be applied to the console. Any damage or tampering with this sticker will completely void your warranty.

⊕ Warranties only apply to the parts or particular repair performed on the gaming console submitted for servicing.

⊕ All warranties cover repair of the gaming console if it should happen to fail again within the warranty period. There are no refunds for any repair service on systems that cannot be repaired again.

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