Xbox 360 Phat R-JTAG Installation Service

Have the R-JTAG chip installed to your Xbox 360 Phat console.

This works with all the Phat model Xbox 360's except for the first generation non-HDMI 2005-2007 models (Xenon). It allows you to boot homebrew applications and games from the attached or an external USB hard drive and allows you to use an alternate dashboard (Freestyle 3 or F3). It also serves to recover your DVD key for repair purposes in case your original DVD drive controller board is damaged.

We do not promote, nor condone and are completely against software piracy! Graphic artists, software programmers and engineers work very hard, day and night, to bring you all the latest and greatest games! They very well deserve to be paid for their outstanding efforts. If you truly enjoy a game and wish to own it, please go out and buy it! The purpose of this modification is to let console owners boot open source and homebrew applications and games on their Xbox 360 console or to recover important system information in the event of a hardware failure only. Any misuse or damages caused outside of these intended purposes is the sole responsibility of the console owner.

You must read and agree to the Xbox 360 Phat R-JTAG Terms of Service prior to ordering this service.

Price: $99.00