Xbox 360 Slim RGH Install Service (CR3 Pro)

Xbox 360 Xecuter CoolRunner RGH Install Service

The Xbox 360 TX CoolRunner RGH hardware upgrade currently works on all Xbox 360S (slim) consoles. For the older phat model 360s go here: Xbox 360 Phat R-JTAG Installation Service

This hardware upgrade allows you to run open source/homebrew applications and games and to play your legally purchased Xbox 360 games right from the internal or an external USB hard drive or other USB storage device. If you're familiar with the JTAG hack, this gives you basically the exact same functionality.

Hardware used will be the latest Xecuter CoolRunner version that supports your console type, currently CR3 Pro for all Xbox 360 Slims. CR3 Pro will help to automate the process of tuning in the chip for the best possible boot time.

Boot time: The amount of time it takes for the system to boot up to the dashboard.

F3 (Freestyle 3) will be installed by default (if storage is provided) and set to boot automatically. You can always boot to the stock dashboard (NXE) by holding RB during boot or though the Mini Guide.

For an extra fee, you can have an externally accessible NAND programmer installed, giving you full control over the firmware/dashboard. This allows you to re-flash the firmware whenever you please or restore if things get messed up. This does not allow you to switch back to a stock dashboard and go online or connect to XBL.

RGH Compatibility:

All Xbox 360 Slims on all dashboard versions so far.

Depending on your Xbox 360 Slim motherboard version, it may take anywhere from a 5 seconds up to 2 minutes for your system to boot to the dashboard (the odd Corona motherboard may take a bit longer, each system is unique). Most setups have been fine tuned by the manufacturer while others are still being worked on and may require extra hardware, time and testing to minimize the time it takes for the console to boot up (number of glitches).

The MFR Date from the sticker on the back of your system is required so that we can determine if any extra hardware is required for your particular system. (e.g. POST Fix Adapter, POST QSB, etc.)

If you're unsure which model Xbox 360 you have or all this technical jargon makes your head spin just contact us and send the MFR Date from the sticker on the back of your console and we'll determine exactly what's needed.

Legal Notice: This customization is only intended to allow you to back up your legally purchased games and to run open source and homebrew software on your Xbox 360 Slim console. Please respect copyright holders and their work!

You must read and agree to the Xbox 360 Slim RGH Terms of Service prior to ordering this mod.

Price: $119.00