Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answer to them.

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How does this service work?
How does shipping work?
Do you repair the DS, Xbox, PS2...
I heard that fixing an Xbox 360 with a red light issue doesn't last.
What happens if you break my console?
How long does it take to do...?

How does this service work?

After placing your order, you will receive an invoice with shipping instructions in your e-mail. You just ship the gaming console using your preferred method (we recommend Canada Post).

After the console has been successfully repaired and tested (usually within 2-5 working days after receiving it), it will be shipped back to you via the shipping method you chose upon checking out and a tracking number will be sent to the email you provided.

How does shipping work?

Return shipping will be paid up front unless you choose to use your own shipping method. You can always chose the "Use your own shipping method" option and pay for shipping after your system has been serviced successfully.

Do you repair the DS, Dreamcast, PS2, etc...

For cost and labor reasons, we do not repair older consoles such as the DS, Dreamcast, GameCube or PS2.

For these consoles, the labor and/or parts required makes it cost ineffective to offer repairs for these consoles.

I also do not offer repairs for the Nintendo DS/DS Lite because the amount of labor required to fix a DS is comparable to other console repairs, but prices have to be lower because the cost of the DS itself is lower. This makes repairs for the DS/DS Lite very cost ineffective.

I heard that fixing an Xbox 360 with a red light issue doesn't last.

There are lots of people out there who will "repair" your console so it works for a couple more months.

But these people are using "band-aid" methods. Some of them are waiving around a $30 Heat gun (some of them even use blowdryers) to try and fix the issue. While others are just tightening parts, trying to "force" a good connection. This puts excess pressure on the very delicate chips.

We use a professional BGA rework station to perform the repair process and use only the highest quality materials and reliable equipment. In fact, we use the same type of equipment that Sony and Microsoft use but with lead-based solder instead of the troublesome lead-free solder and high quality flux.

Also, those other fixes only address the symptoms not the cause. The cause is excessive heat. Yes you can make the console work again, but if heat is still a problem, then it will just happen again eventually.

One other thing done differently from most, is the type of thermal paste used.

The thermal paste used is Arctic Silver 5 High Density Poly-synthetic Thermal Compound. Most repair shops/people are using low quality, inexpensive thermal paste for this repair. Silver has very high thermal conductivity (in other words, it transfers heat very well). In technical terms, silver has a thermal rating of approximately 430 W/(m K) which effectively transfers heat from the CPU and GPU to the corresponding heatsink.

For an Xbox 360, the "X-Clamps" are also modified. The X-Clamps are what holds the heatsink to the GPU and CPU, but does not hold them very tight, resulting in inefficient heat dissipation. The X-Clamps are modified to create a firmer hold and prevent warping of the system board beneath the GPU, which is where the problem usually resides.

What Happens if you break my console?

This question essentially only applies to mods or upgrades.

The short answer is we would take full responsibility and replace/repair the unit.

The long answer is:

The only thing that would have much of a chance of going wrong with a mod would be that the DVD drive would be rendered useless. In this case, we would simply replace the DVD drive and then complete the mod.

How long does it take to do...?

The answer to this can vary widely.

It does depend on how many systems we are currently working on, availability of parts and the depth of the issue.

When your console is received it is placed in a priority queue based on when it is received.

As a very general rule, it is usually within 1-5 business days after receiving the console.

We keep parts for most common problems on hand, but if we need to order parts it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. We can have them express shipped if you want to cover the price difference.