The Console Repair Guy Difference

Console Repair Guy provide professional game console repair services for individuals and retailers. Bulk discounts are available for systems that have not been tampered with. Please contact us for bulk pricing.

We use only high quality products and professional tools in all of our gaming console repair services. We guarantee all work performed will be top notch and most repairs performed by Console Repair Guy will include a hassle free warranty.

The one question that we are most often asked:

Is it true that when you fix an Xbox 360 with the Red Ring of Death it just breaks again in a couple weeks?

Most people who do Xbox 360 RROD repairs are simply taking off the clamps, re-applying a bit of thermal paste and then using regular bolts and washers to replace the clamps. What they are trying to do is put so much pressure on the chips that they work again.

In the long run this ends up doing more damage than good, as the added stress can cause the system board, or even worse, the CPU and/or GPU, to become warped over time.

The success rate of fixing an Xbox 360 that has had the clamps replaced and failed again is nowhere near one that has just failed "naturally". If the system has never been taken apart there's at least a 95% chance it can be fixed!

The odd person might say they are going to "reflow" your Xbox 360. Reflowing is when you heat up the solder joints to the point of melting and then let them cool and harden again. This eliminates any cracks or bubbles in the solder.

Don't get me wrong - reflowing is what we do as well along with reballing, however most people's idea of reflowing is to take a $30 heat gun they got from Canadian Tire and hold it over the circuit board to quickly heat up the troublesome areas. Some people even use a hair dryer which definitely does not produce enough heat for a proper reflow! These chips are not designed to be heated up rapidly and this can lead to popcorning (delamination) of the substrate layers in the chip package.

Furthermore, this is only going to be a very temporary fix if they did not use a quality flux to ensure clean new solder joints. In our repair process, we use the thermal profiles recommended by the manufacturer's of BGA components and use premium quality flux for reballing and reflowing.

We use a professional hot air rework station with infrared pre-heating to perform all reflow and reballing soldering repairs. It's a precise and professional setup. The reason most people don't use one is because they are expensive.

Even if "that whiz kid down the road" manages to get your Xbox 360 working again, he has totally neglected the underlying cause as to why you got the RROD in the first place.

The cause is high heat and a very poor cooling design. If nothing is done to keep your console running cooler, then it will simply overheat again and you'll be back to square one, except you'll have wasted your hard earned money.

We address the root cause by giving the case fan on the back of your Xbox 360 more power (about twice as much in fact). This means the fans go quicker and thus keep your Xbox 360 cooler. I'll bet that most of the Joe Blow repair guys out there don't even know how to do this. We also perform several other proprietary, in house cooling mods to ensure a long lasting fix.

No fix, no fee! You can rest assured that in the rare event that your gaming console cannot be fixed, you will promptly receive a full refund for parts and service. Quality service is our number one priority, so we've taken away all the risks for you. There are, of course, certain cases where a non-refundable fee will be applied in order to cover the cost of time and materials.

Technical Background

Our technicians have been working with gaming consoles for many years and most are Certified IT Professionals. We have been repairing gaming consoles for over 23 years combined.

You might wonder what being an IT Professional has to do with fixing gaming consoles? Well, a gaming console nowadays is a computer. Gaming consoles have all the same parts as computers: motherboard, RAM, processor, DVD drive and most now have a network adapter and a hard drive or flash based storage device.

Although the hardware differs from conventional computers (mainly the chips being integrated) because it is a specialized machine, the underlying concepts, troubleshooting techniques and repair processes remain the same.

We've had a 98% success rate on Xbox 360's that have never been tampered with when performing the Xbox 360 Reballing Service!