Canada Post

How does it work?
Simply place an order using the online checkout system or contact me to set up an order for you.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with shipping instructions. Use the shipping method most convenient to you.

Make sure your console is packaged well and put in lots of appropriate filler material to protect it from damage during shipping.

Once I have finished the service, I will ship it back to you via the method you chose while placing your order.

How do I know this is safe?

I have a form that I can send you via email or fax that will say I am servicing your console and includes the serial number. I will sign this form and send it to you.

I will get the serial number of the item(s) from you prior to shipment so the form can already be filled out and all you have to do is sign!

Just sign the form and ship it along with your package.

Its safe, easy and effective!