Interac e-Transfer Instructions

Interac e-Transfer
We accept payments via Interac e-Transfer. An online banking feature that allows you to send money to anyone with a compatible online banking account and an e-mail address. To see if your bank supports this option, please visit the Interac e-Transfer participants list by clicking here.

The process of sending an Interac e-Transfer:

1. You sign in to your Online banking account, click on Transfers and then click the Interac e-Transfer link, usually located in the left hand or sometimes the top menu.

2. Information to fill in:
* your email address
* your name by which we (the Recipient) will know you
* our Recipient name: Console Repair Guy
* our Recipient email address: (This info will be available during the checkout process)
* the amount you wish to send
* the account you from which you choose to withdraw money from
* a Security Question that we will need to answer to receive the money.
* You can just use "What are you fixing?" for the question and the name
of your console for the answer or set your own and send us the details.

3. The money is then withdrawn from your account and the transfer is set to pending.

4. We will receive an email notifying us of the payment, usually within 2 hours depending on the bank used

5. We answer the Security Question you provided and the funds are deposited.

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