PS3 Blu-Ray Laser Replacement Service

PS3 Replacement Blu-Ray Laser

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PS3 Won't Read Discs or Games

If your PS3 won't read discs or games, displays frequent disc read errors or skips frequently, this is the solution you need.

Issues of this type are in most cases caused by a worn out PS3 Blu-Ray Laser, but in rare cases, can also be caused by a defective Blu-Ray Controller Board. Having your PS3's Blu-Ray Laser Assembly replaced is your best bet to have this issue fixed.

If your PS3 reads DVD's but will not read Blu-Ray movies or games, your laser is definitely worn out and this service will fix your problem GUARANTEED.

QuickTip: There is a risk of the PS3's Blu-Ray laser completely burning out if you turn off the system with the switch at the back (only with older models), while there is a game or movie in the Blu-Ray drive.

Always turn off your PS3 with the PS button on the controller or by holding down the power button on the front of the system until it powers off.

If the console will not shut down either of these ways, be sure to eject any discs before shutting it down with the back power switch or pulling the cord from the wall or back of the console.

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Includes a Hassle Free 60 Day Repair Warranty!

The Model number can be found on the back of your PS3 console printed after the serial number.

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