PS3 Laser Replacement Details

PS3 Replacement Blu-Ray Laser


Symptoms of a bad PS3 Laser.

  • Games or Movies freeze.
  • Games or Movies take longer to load.
  • PS3 does not recognize games or movies anymore.
  • PS3 only recognizes DVDs and/or PS2 games, not PS3 Games.
  • Older Blu-ray movies and PS3 games work, newer ones don't.


    The laser diode inside your PS3's Blu Ray drive is weakening or "burning out".


    The PS3 is disassembled to gain access to the Blu-ray optical drive.

    The Blu-ray drive is carefully disassembled and the defective laser is removed.

    A new laser is installed into the PS3 Blu-ray optical drive.

    The Blu-ray optical drive is reassembled and the unit is tested to verify it reads both Blu-ray discs (includes games) and DVDs.

    The PS3 is reassembled completely.

    PS3 Blu-Ray Laser Replacement Service