PS3 Yellow Light/Blinking Red Light Repairs


Symptoms of the Yellow Light or Blinking Red Light include:

  • PS3 powers on and displays a solid Yellow Light.
  • PS3 powers on and briefly displays a Yellow Light, then a Blinking Red Light.
  • PS3 powers on but there displays a Black Screen or No Video.
  • PS3 powers on but there are Graphic Artifacts or a Distorted Image on the screen.

    As you can see from the symptoms, your system may have the same problem as a Yellow Light or Blinking Red Light system without actually displaying the Yellow or Blinking Red Light.


    The root cause of the Yelow Light (YLOD) or any of the other symptoms described above is overheating. This can lead to cold joints, whiskering and bridging of the solder balls which connect the RSX (graphics) chip to the motherboard via BGA packaging.

    This is caused by a combination of poor quality thermal paste, the use of lead-free solder balls and/or excessive dust build up which reduces the airflow and cooling capabilities.


    The PS3 is disassembled and all components are cleaned thoroughly. The old inferior thermal paste is cleaned off from the heatsink, GPU and CPU. The board is mounted on an infrared preheater and lead-free liquid flux is applied below the Reality Synthesizer Chip (RSX/GPU). The RSX chip is re-flown following a very precise thermal profile, adapted from the guidelines and specifications set by the manufacturers of BGA style components. The re-flow is performed using an infrared reflow station, the same thing Sony uses to repair this.

    Then new, top quality Arctic Silver 5 High Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound is applied to the CPU and GPU to increase the cooling capabilities and prevent further problems. The fan speed is then slightly increased to improve air flow and reduce overall system temperatures. We also perform a proprietary cooling mod which greatly reduces the transfer of heat, generated by the power supply unit, from being passed over to the CELL processor and RSX chips. This reduces the likeliness of this issue re-occurring in the future.

    The PS3 is reassembled and tested by loading a game and letting the system run for at least 8 hours.

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