PS4 HDMI Port Repair/Replacement Service

Sony PS4 Playstation 4 HDMI Port Replacement FixDoes your PS4 display any of the following issues: Getting just a white light when you turn on your PS4 aka White Light of Death (WLOD) and no picture? The picture comes up green and fuzzy or has horizontal green lines or other artifacts across the screen? Does your screen flicker and sometimes lose signal with the PS4? Well you're in luck because we have the solution you've been searching for.

This problem occurs because of an issue with the HDMI socket on the back of your PS4. Sometimes the pins can get bent up or pushed out the back causing loss of signal, flickering video and other random graphics issues. The port can also become loose after repeated use. Have a close look at the HDMI port on the back of your console and check to see if the pins are out of line or mashed up.

Sony PS4 HDMI Socket Replacement ServiceThe HDMI ports Sony used in the PS4 were not the best choice. In the image on the right you can see that on the back of the port the pins are only held in place by a small plastic bar. After a while when plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable one or more pins may catch on the front of the connector and become dislodged causing your PS4 to have a blank screen or show a "No signal" message on the TV, artifacts or a snowy picture.

Sony Playstation 4 HDMI Replacement FixConsole Repair Guy uses a new and improved, high quality PS4 HDMI port that has a solid backing and prevents the pins from getting pushed out the other side. The pins also lock into the front of the port to prevent them from getting lifted up. If you send your console to Sony for repair they will most likely just replace it with the same port the system originally came with and eventually it will break again. To the left you can see the new improved HDMI port you'll be getting when you order this repair service.

NOTE: If your PS4 is not turning on and displays a pulsing blue light then this is not an issue with the HDMI port and we will have a service page listed for this issue in the near future. Please contact us if you have this issue.

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