My PS3s workin great now. No more freezin! Thank ya muchly!
Ryan D - Newfoundland

Well it's been over a year now and my Xbox 360 is still running smooth. Thanks again!
Cliff R - Halifax, Nova Scotia

I work a camp job and when my 360 died on me I didn't know what to do with myself. I work 24 days in a row. Thankfully I found your site and 9 days later I was back in action. Thanks again my friend!
Kent N - Vancouver, BC

Well it took a bit longer than expected because you had to order in a new graphics chip but my Xbox 360 is still going strong over 9 months now! I think the fan mod really made a big difference too. Keep up the good work!
Justin Rawlin - Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Xbox 360 had the open tray error and ever since you replaced the laser it has been working flawlessly!
Justin K - Regina, Saskatchewan

Our Xbox 360 had 3 red lights and after you did the reball we have not had one problem since. Thank you very much!
Allison P - Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Wii now reads all games and DVDs. Thank you for getting it fixed so quick!
Sophie W - Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have done Xbox 360 repair myself but I couldn't reball them. This was just the service I needed. Thanks again!
Luke H - Toronto, Ontario

You really know what your doing. I play Modern Warfare on the Xbox Live constantly and it used to freeze up on me all the time. What ever you did to my Xbox it's working perfectly now!
James P - Edmonton, Alberta

You saved our Xbox 360 and my nerves! My son would not stop bugging me about his beloved Xbox... Thank you so much!
Rita N - Ottawa, Ontario

My Xbox 360 arrived the other day and ive been playing it non stop ever since (well, I take sleep breaks). It doesnt even freeze up at all anymore when im playin Call of Duty MW2. Your the best!
Robert T. - Toronto, Ontario

Wow, that was fast! No more red lights and it seems to be running cooler now. Good job!
Simon K - Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you so much for your service! My son is very happy now that he has his Xbox 360 back in the game.
Alex J - Tornoto, Ontario

The console repair guy had my PS3 fixed in less than 2 hours. He even ordered the parts for me and it still works.
Adam S - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nintendo Wii Repair Ottawa Ontiario
Mahir Mohiuddin - Ottawa, Ontario

Got the PS3 back today. All my games and blu-rays are working perfect again. Though I was gonna have to by a new one. Thank you sir!
Raymond C - Moncton, New Brunswick

You fixed our ps3, and it has been almost a year and it is still running great!!! Will use you again for any console problems we may get, Thank you so much!!
Sherri P - Montreal, Quebec

Thank you so much for fixing my PS3! I can finally watch my blu-ray movies again and it didn't cost over $200 which Sony tried to charge me.
Malcolm W - Richmond, BC

I had my Xbox 360 repaired by Console Repair Guy a little over a year ago. It had the dreaded red ring of death. It does sound a little louder because of the fan mod but it's still working perfectly! Thanks again, I owe you one!
Chris H - Vancouver, BC

PS4 HDMI Fixed
Justin Raymond - Toronto, Ontario

It's been a couple years now but I just wanted to let you know our Xbox 360 is still working great. Thanks again for your excellent repair service!
Clifford R - Halifax, Nova Scotia

You were very quick replacing my ps3's laser & when I couldn't get the video you were very willing to talk me through the process over the phone. Top notch service all the way. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks again!
Mike N - Sydney, NS

You replaced the laser in our Wii a few months back and our Xbox 360 just recently. I must say, I am very impressed with the quality of service you provide and the fast turnaround. Thanks again, I will always bring my gaming consoles to you for repairs!
Lori L - Sydney, Nova Scotia

My Xbox 360 has been working great for over 1 year now since you fixed it! I have recommended all my friends and family to your site. Thanks again!
Joseph P - Toronto, Ontario

My Xbox 360 is working even better than before it overheated! I play for hours on end every day and it's still going strong!
Matt L - New Waterford, NS

I got my ps 3 fix by you 6 months ago. It was blinking red light error and only last just about a month for first time, but I send it back and you fix again but this time it must be good. No freeze or shutting off now. Thanks and best luck to you!
Taek R - Halifax, NS

You are surely the best Xbox 360 repair guy I've come across. Thanks again my friend. Lookin forward to doing business with you again!
Roger T - Toronto, Ontario

Xbox works nice now. Good job! Will be back if I have any more gaming repairs for you.
Wesley J - Calgary, Alberta

PS4 Repair
Sam J - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Hey, I stumbled upon your site again today and I just wanted to let you know that my Xbox 360 is still going strong after you fixed it over a year ago. You said it would be a little louder because of the fan thing but I barely notice it. Happy New Year!!
Evan G - New Brunswick

My PS3 now reads ALL of my games and bluray movies! We will be back in touch next time one of our systems breaks. Thanks again!
Andrew C - Sydney, NS

Xbox is still going strong. Keep up the good work!
David A - Ottawa, Ontario

Got my 360 in the mail today. Works perfect! You da man!
Devin K - Kitchner, Ontario

The 360 is working great and seems to be running much cooler after having the GPU reballed. I will be forwarding you a ton of business. Thanks again!
Chris M - Quebec City

You guys rock. I thought my Xbox 360 was toast but you got it fixed in no time. Thank you!
Samuel G - Halifax, Nova Scotia

ALL of my games and blu-ray movies are working now! Thank you so much!
Allie R - Manitoba

Xbox One Disc Drive Repair
Jason L - Sydney, Nova Scotia

I have dealt with the Console Repair Guy for system repair, parts and questions. I found that they are very good at what they do and have recommended them to a lot of friends what had system problems and would to anyone who has problems with a system.
John J - Newfoundland

Great job! Our Wii no longer shows the unable to read disc error and all the games are working. I can't believe how quick you had it fixed. Thanks again!
Cathy P - Calgary, Alberta

Well you weren't able to fix my Xbox 360 but I just wanted to say thank you for all the extra effort you put in. I probably knocked something off the board when trying to fix it on my own. I'll know better next time. Thanks for the prompt refund!
Matthew Price - Ottawa, Ontario

My 360 now reads all games and DVD's perfectly after having you replace the laser for me. I can't belive how fast you were able to fix it! Thank you so much!
Mark A - New Waterford, NS