Xbox 360 - Red Ring of Death | Three Red Lights

Short Circuit - Bridging - Cold/Brittle Solder Joint - Overheating

This issue is the result of a short circuit in the Xbox 360's graphics chip (GPU). The short circuit is most likely caused due to whiskering or bridging of the solder balls which connect the chip both electrically and physically to the motherboard. It can also be caused when one or more solder balls becomes brittle or looses its connection. These types of failures are all a result of overheating/improper cooling.

Usually this error appears after the Xbox 360 cools down, rather than when it is hot.

You can choose from the Xbox 360 RROD / Red Light / E-74 Repair Service or the Xbox 360 Reballing Service to repair this issue. More details are available at the link below.

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