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Xbox 360 RROD Repair Service - Xbox 360 Reflow Service

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Xbox 360 Reflow Repair Technical Details


Symptoms of the Red Light(s)/No Video

Xbox 360 powers on and displays three red lights around the power button.

Xbox 360 power on and displays one red light along with an onscreen error of E73 or E74.

Xbox 360 powers on and the starting sounds can be heard, but the video remains blank.

Xbox 360 powers on but when playing a game you experience freezing or graphic artifacts on the screen.


The root cause of these issues is almost always overheating.

This is caused by poor quality thermal paste and a very inefficient cooling design for the CPU and GPU.

The cooling fan only runs at 50% of it's full potential. Microsoft chose the lower fan speed because apparently they were concerned about the slight increase in noise level observed by running them at the full 12V. They were also reportedly aiming to make it quieter than the original Xbox. This was a very poor decision since the Xbox 360 is well known to malfunction due to overheating of the Graphics Processing Unit.


The Xbox 360 is disassembled.

The "X-Clamps" are removed. These hold the heatsinks to the CPU and GPU.

The thermal paste is removed from the CPU and GPU.

The GPU and/or other problem BGA components have the solder points reflown using a professional rework station and flux.

Arctic Silver 5 High Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound is applied to the CPU and GPU.

The heat-sinks are reattached and the x-clamps are replaced with some minor modifications to create a firmer hold.

Both Xbox 360 exhaust fans are modified to run at 12 volts for a more superior cooling effect. They normally run at 5V but they are actually 12V rated fans.

The 12V fan modification results in a system that is a little louder, but goes a long way in preventing re-occurrence and should extend the overall life of the system and its components by causing more cool air to flow over the heat critical components.

The Xbox 360 is then bench tested to see if the symptoms are gone.

The Xbox 360 is reassembled and a warranty sticker is applied.

The reassembled unit is tested with a graphics intensive game left running for at least 8 hours.


Xbox 360 3 Red Lights, Red Ring of Death (RROD), E-74 Error & No Video Diagnosis

These issues are commonly caused by overheating of the Graphics Processing Unit. In some cases the red light issues may be caused by other components, such as the RAM, HANA or South Bridge(XSB) BGA chips. This type of failure occurs due to the very inefficient cooling design used in the Xbox 360 and the type of lead-free solder used in the manufacturing process.

This lead free solder has a tendency to become brittle and crack over time after going through many heating and cooling cycles. It is also prone to bridging via tin whiskers and cold solder joints in the array of solder balls beneath the GPU. This, in turn, causes the chip to short circuit or lose part of its connection thereby displaying one or more flashing red lights around the Xbox 360 power button and/or an error code on the screen.

We have achieved a 98% success rate with this particular issue on all systems that still had the warranty sticker in tact. I lend this to the fact that I use all high quality materials and equipment in my repair processes and take the time to ensure a solid fix.

For the sake of your precious Xbox 360 console (and your hard earned money), please do not try to fix this yourself by doing any of those ridiculous towel, hair dryer, x-clamp replacement or other foolish "fixes" seen on YouTube. These so called fixes are only temporary and usually end up causing more damage to your system, making it harder or even impossible to repair afterwards.

The repair process includes several proprietary, in house cooling modifications that will help extend the life of your Xbox 360 console, however we recommend you purchase the reballing service instead since it will last much, much longer.

No fix, no fee! You can rest assured that in the rare event that your gaming console cannot be fixed, you will promptly receive a full refund for parts and service. Quality service is our number one priority, so we've taken away all the risks for you. Place your order with confidence today.

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NOTICE: This repair option has been discontinued as we recommend the Xbox 360 Reballing Service instead:

After years of experience we can assure you that reballing is a much more reliable fix for this issue. For this more solid solution we highly recommend you purchase the Xbox 360 Reballing Service instead.

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