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Xbox 360 Reballing Service
The Xbox 360 Reballing Service solves most flashing red light issues including Red Dot of Death (Xbox 360S Slim), Red Ring of Death (RROD), 3 Red Lights, 1 Red Light, No Video or Audio, E73/E74 Errors, Graphics Glitches, Overheating and Freezing. This is the most solid solution you will find for any of these problems.

Xbox 360 Repair - Reballing Technical Details

These 3 red light, red ring of death, E-74 and blank screen issues are the result of a combination of the following Xbox 360 design flaws:

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is connected to the motherboard via BGA (ball grid array) packaging. BGA is a chip packaging method in which hundreds or thousands of tiny balls of solder bond the chip to the system board both physically and electrically. The lead-free (LF) solder balls used on the Xbox 360 are more prone to bridging, whiskering and becoming brittle than the industry proven lead based type.

The heatsink used on the GPU is not big enough to efficiently cool the chip. Unfortunately you can't just replace it with a bigger one, since it is directly below the DVD drive and there is no sufficient room. It is also lacking a proper shroud to pull cool air directly over the heatsink, which would maximize it's cooling efficiency.

The fans used in the Xbox 360 are only running at 5 volts and do not move nearly enough air to ensure proper cooling of the GPU.

In simple terms, all this "poorly designed stuff" usually ends up causing the little chip which handles the graphics you see on the screen to short circuit or loose part of its connection, thereby displaying a red light on the Xbox 360 power button, an error code (E-74) on the screen or one of the symptoms listed above.

All of the issues leading up to this particular Xbox 360 failure are corrected as follows:

The lead-free solder balls are cleaned up and professionally replaced with lead based solder balls. Leaded solder is much more flexible, conducts electricity more efficiently and has been proven to work flawlessly in high heat applications. It has been used successfully for over 50 years on all types of equipment from industrial to home electronics.

The fan shroud is modified ensure proper air flow over the GPU heatsink. This keeps the graphics chip running much cooler, eliminating graphics hiccups/pixelation, and will extend the life of your console far beyond it's normal expectancy.

The fan which cools the GPU is modified to run at 12 volts instead of 5 volts. This results in an Xbox 360 which is a little louder, but keeps your whole system running much cooler and prevents these red light, red ring of death (RROD), no video/audio, freezing or overheating issues from occurring again. You can also choose not to have this modification done or have a switch installed (for a small fee) to go back to stock speed when watching movies or what have you.

Problem Solved ✓

The no fuss, long lasting solution to this issue is to have the Xbox 360's GPU Reballed. This means having the old, brittle lead-free solder used on the Xbox 360's GPU replaced with shiny, new, lead based solder, an in depth technical process known as reballing.

This is considered a long term fix compared to just reflowing the solder, since the original lead-free solder balls and poor manufacturing process used to attach the Xbox 360's processors & other chips are the root cause of most, if not all freezing, glitches and red light issues. Clearly this Xbox 360 Reballing Service is the most trusted solution.

Reballing the Xbox 360 ensures a solid fix that's been proven to last.

These issues are almost always caused by solder failure under the graphics chip and by replacing this solder with new solder, using the right materials and equipment, your system will work like new again. In rare cases other chips such as the CPU, RAM or HANA may need to be reballed and this is included in the price.

This Xbox 360 repair service also includes several proprietary cooling and hardware mods which ensure this fix will last for a very long time because they keep your Xbox running cooler.

This repair service is for all Xbox 360 (Original) and Xbox 360S (Slim) consoles with the Red Dot of Death, Red Ring of Death/Red Light of Death (1 or 3 Flashing Red Lights), E73 or E74 Error, No Video/Blank Screen, Overheating Issues, Lines on the Screen and Freezing.

The Xbox 360 Reballing Service requires a $29 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of time and materials. In the rare event that your system can not be repaired, the remaining balance will be refunded.

A Quick Video Overview of the Xbox 360 GPU Reballing Process

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There is no warranty provided with this specific repair service but a 50% discount will be offered if the system fails again from the same issue within 90 days.

Console Repair Guy is no longer repairing systems with an MFR Date earlier than 2008 due to the fact that the hardware is nearing the end of it's life expectancy and will be prone to other failures which would cause the same symptoms. Please check your MFR Date from the sticker on the back of your console before ordering this repair service.

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