Xbox One Blu-ray Laser Replacement Service - Blu-ray Drive Repair

Xbox One Blu-ray Drive Repair Laser Replacement Service

Did your Xbox One stop loading or refuse to read games or other discs? Are your games taking longer than normal to load, skipping or lagging? Will some Xbox One game discs read while others wont?

If your Xbox One won't read discs or has trouble reading games this is usually an indication that your blu-ray laser is wearing out and needs to be replaced.

Tip: Xbox One automatically installs all games to the hard drive to compensate for the slow speed of the blu-ray drive. If you find the game installs take a long time, disconnect from the internet or go in offline mode before installing the game. The Xbox One will download all updates before installing a game if you're online so by going offline it will install the game right away and then download the updates later when you're back online.

Order this repair service to have your Xbox One Blu-ray Laser replaced by a highly experienced game console repair tech.

This repair includes a 90 day hassle free repair warranty!

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Price: $129 Order Now and Save $30 (Limited Offer)

Price: $99.00